Google Analytics 4 Audit-in-a-box BETA

Brian David Hall
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⚠️ this course is a work in progress! ⚠️

8 out of 22 videos uploaded, so the current beta access price is $8.

You'll receive immediate, lifetime access to all available lessons and new lessons as they're released (currently adding 1 a day)

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Quit living in the past, you sad relic you.

This course gives you everything you need to sell, set up, and start pulling insights from the shiniest analytics platform on the block, Google Analytics 4.

Sell and scope

  • ✅ Understand requirements and set expectations
  • ✅ Create and share a business goals survey (template provided)
  • ✅ Create and share a tech survey (template provided)
  • ✅ Get the access and permissions you need
  • ✅ Decide what questions you'll be answering
  • ✅ Decide what custom events you'll need to track

Implement and configure

  • ✅ Create a new GA4 Property and save the Measurement ID
  • ✅ Implement with Google Tag Manager if at all possible
  • Implement some other way if you must
  • Create custom events
  • Set up ecomm events (if you have a cart and checkout)
  • Define conversions and what they're worth
  • Deal with Single Page App issues if necessary
  • Configure Enhanced Measurement and hope for the best
  • QA pageviews and custom events
  • QA campaign tracking

Audit and present

  • Decide on your deliverable format
  • Create a few useful Audiences
  • Analyze user demographic data
  • Explore user device and browser data
  • Audit acquisition channels
  • Audit site usage

Altogether the course includes

  • 3 templates (discovery questions, analytics access request, audit findings deck)
  • 22 videos
  • Resources doc with handy links
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Google Analytics 4 Audit-in-a-box BETA

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