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JavaScript for Marketers

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A little coding knowledge goes a long way.

JavaScript powers the platforms, pages, events, and analytics you interact with every day.

You can learn to harness it, or you can rely on the good will of developers 😬

This course starts from the . When you complete it, you'll know how to:

  • Use browser dev tools for debugging and custom event tracking
  • Create your own JavaScript tags in Google Tag Manager
  • Write custom functions to use in Google Sheets
This is you in 30 days:

Course format

The class consists of short video Labs, meant for you to follow along in your browser, or GTM, or Apps Script editor.

After each lab, there's a Synthesis section that consolidates the concepts you used in the Lab.

You'll start writing code right away.


⚠️ This course is currently slated for beta in September 2021 ⚠️

It's a bit rough around the edges but you will learn to write code, I promise.

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JavaScript for Marketers

0 ratings