Niche Experiments

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Where will your next client come from?

Chances are, you’re not sure.

Maybe one of your next 10 Upwork proposals will get accepted. Maybe you’ll get a referral from a friend, or an old client will call you up for a new project.

Hopefully soon … 🤞😅

Not having a steady source of new business is exhausting, and it keeps you stuck in limbo. Not growing, not improving, just surviving.

In a perfect world, you’d have new clients coming to you. They’d show up already trusting you, eager to work together. You’d spend less time selling, more time delivering – or growing your business, or just relaxing.

This book is about how to make that happen.

A steady flow of qualified clients comes from solving a problem for a type of business.

Call yourself a marketer, and you’re competing with tens of thousands of other freelancers. Call yourself a case study writer who focuses on B2B SaaS companies, and you have no peers. Just happy clients 🙂

When you serve a niche:

  • It’s easy to find potential clients
  • It’s easy for clients to find
  • You’ll quickly develop expertise that no one else has, so …
  • You can charge more

But what niche should you pick?

This is the million dollar question. And there’s a cost to getting it wrong – it wastes your time.

You can always expand out of a niche, or change niches, or take clients outside your niche. But spending months trying to specialize in an area that’s unprofitable, impenetrable, or just unenjoyable … you don’t have time for that.

That’s why Niche Experiments guides you through a step-by-step process of brainstorming and scoring possible niches.

You’ll be able to choose one that:

  • Isn’t too small
  • Isn’t too big
  • Needs the kind of services you provide
  • Already has the odds stacked in your favor

Okay, then what?

Choosing a niche is crucial, but it doesn’t bring a flood of clients to your door.

You’ll need to validate it, and learn about its unique problems. You’ll need to expand your network within the niche. And if it’s a good fit, you’ll need to plant a flag in the ground, so clients can find you.

walks you through this process as well. That means you’ll work through step-by-step instructions to do all of the following:

Tap your existing network for context and warm intros

You already have connections with knowledge of your chosen niche, even if they’re not potential clients. How you approach them, and the type of help you ask for, will make all the difference.

Reach out to potential clients within your niche – just to chat

People hate to be sold to, so you won’t do that. People to talk about their problems, so you’ll ask. And listen. And take notes.

Quickly evaluate whether this niche has a valuable problem you can solve

This crucial step will save you months of wasted effort. Just because your chosen niche occasionally hires people with your skills … doesn’t mean your services are important enough for them to seek you out.

If that’s the case, just start over with a new niche. But if it’s the case, you’ll learn exactly how to talk about their problems – and your solution – in a way that’s irresistible.

Turn the notes from your conversation into an evergreen resource

It’ll help potential clients before they even meet you. It’ll be shareable and discoverable. And when clients who have seen it do reach out, they’ll trust you already.

is currently available for pre-sale. Reserve your copy now to get early access to the contents, along with weekly coaching and moral support from the author.

(You get to uncover a new source of clients, and I get to fine tune the book for future readers.)

If you’re looking to do more valuable work for clients that are easier to sign, this book is for you. And if you don’t mind things being a little rough around the edges, the pre-sale package will get you where you're going.

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Niche Experiments

0 ratings