Sell and Deliver CRO

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You don't need an intro to A/B testing.

You can execute on CRO - maybe you're already executing.

But it's messy, or the results are underwhelming, or you struggle to communicate the value of what you're doing. (Or all three 😬 )

This course will help you:

  • Tighten up your process

  • Reduce the risk of failed experiments

  • Package and price your services

  • Share results so that clients see dollar signs, not p-values

Refine your workflow

Get clear on who-does-what-when. Drop fewer balls, break fewer websites.

Get more wins

Minimize the risk of inconclusive tests. Use discovery-based experimentation to find optimal experiences, without the obligation to be a genius.

Sell it

If an experiment reaches statistical significance in the woods, and nobody hears it ... is it still a win?

Learn how to convey the value of CRO to busy execs and the mathematically challenged.


The course consists of 25+ short, to-the-point videos:


  • Understand why clients buy CRO services

  • Decide what you’re selling

  • Decide who you'll sell to

  • Decide what CRO is worth to the client

  • Estimate lead value for lead gen

  • Decide how, and how much to charge

  • Decide what to offer each client

  • Tease out buyer motivations during discovery


  • Find out whether you can run tests for a client

  • Decide how long to run tests

  • Figure out how many tests and variations you can run

  • Run A/A tests to teach your clients about noise

  • Decide how to test, based on resources

  • Find the right mix of big tests vs little tests

  • Pick the low hanging fruit

  • Embrace the chaos of designing for CRO

Operations and tech

  • Make a (tentative) roadmap

  • Map out your experimentation workflow

  • Transfer your workflow into a PM tool

  • Define experimentation deliverables at each step

  • Get QA right, or your client will hate you

  • Consider what CRO looks like from your client's perspective

  • Play nice with SEO and site speed

  • Consider mobile app optimization and backend experimentation

  • Save time on test development with fancy tooling

Qualitative methods

  • 5 second test

  • Custom events

  • Polls

  • Heat maps

Money back guarantee if you don't find the course helpful. I'm here to answer your questions. Happy testing! 🚀

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Sell and Deliver CRO

3 ratings
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